Body Piercing Jewelry

Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries. In fact, the oldest body modification was found on Otzi the Iceman, also known at Frozen Fritz, and the Similaun Man, alive roughly around 3300 B.C., who had a 7-11 mm ear piercing.

Egyptians of both sexes wore earrings to accentuate their beauty with the elaborately crafted metal rings. Some body piercings were restricted to the royal family. In fact, only the reigning pharaoh could have a naval piercing and anyone who tried to obtain this piercing was liable to be put to death. Body piercing is mentioned more than once within the pages of the Bible.

Roman soldiers pierced their nipples as a sign of strength and virility. This served a dual purpose of being a unifying force between the solider and Rome and unifying the soldiers themselves. Also, gladiators wore genital piercings.

Native Americans pierced their septums to achieve as fierce a visage as possible. Several women from tribes from Central and South America used lip labrets to make themselves look more beautiful. This form of body modification was considered quite attractive and supposedly enhanced sexuality.

Unfortunately, the Church of England soon began to equate body modifications and piercings as a sin and tried to force the movement to a halt. Around the same time, people all over Europe were experimenting with body piercings. Sailors believed that one earring would help with sight at sea. Commoners also held the belief that if a sailor were to wash ashore that the golden earring was payment to the person who found the body to provide them with a Christian burial. Men and women of the aristocracy in Europe experimented with nipple piercings and genital piercings purely for the sexual aspect of such body modifications.

Soon the interest in body piercings died down until the first ďhippiesĒ came back from the Middle East (specifically India) where women had been piercing their noses for centuries. This was brought back to the West where it grabbed hold and has since caught fire.

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Interesting Facts About Body Piercings

A widely circulating story that Roman Centurions pierced their nipples in order to hang their capes from the rings is a complete urban legend. Unfortunately, there just isnít any historical reference that would lend any truth to this myth.

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